SurfAir – The Future of Air Travel

SurfAirAir travel is not something a person looks forward to doing. As restrictions get stricter, flying has solely become an inconvenience. Airlines have created a cutting costs model that includes fewer routes, completely booked charges and hidden charges. Customer abuse has increased with this model. These are the opportunities that disruptive technologies strive to find to become successful.

SurfAir is providing a better service without the employing the traditional airline business model. SurfAir is a subscription service providing its customers with the ability to fly regionally in California. This subscription service uses small airplanes and lands in small airfields. Currently, it has 28 flights a day. It is almost like flying in a private jet, but without the expense and the complete personalization.

The SurfAir business model is revolutionary. They are creating a relationship with their customers. With the use of small airports, they have gotten rid of congested airplanes and long lines. It even gets around TSA regulations since its flights have less than 10 people. During the first time flying with SurfAir, your picture gets taken and you don’t have to show your idea again. The membership application that is filled out allows SurfAir to run a security check to ensure safety on their flights. You can book up to 20 minutes before flying as long as there are seats available without any additional fees. The membership fee covers everything and there are no hidden costs, even snacks on the airplane are free.

When large-scale airlines see SurfAir, they see competition for space that they have not taken over yet. But these airlines can provide cheaper flights to and from places. SurfAir is not for everyone rather it is for the extreme flier. It can provide the luxury and the hassle-free travel that these consumers should be enjoying.

SurfAir just announced 65 new aircraft and $73 million in new business financing.

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